Services - Web / Database Development

Custom Web/Database development

Business Enterprise software is the backbone of any successful business strategy and eBusiness has redefined the rules of the marketplace. A C/S Solutions Web application, integrated with your corporate database, can provide a world-class software solution. Systems built on a comprehensive Internet or Intranet infrastructure will allow you to take advantage of emerging technologies.

Whether you just want a Web presence for your existing systems, need to scale-up departmental systems for enterprise deployment, or want to create a new system from scratch… call us. We’ve been there, done that. 



Breaking into eCommerce can have you running in circles. How much does it cost to develop? What kind of eCommerce technology solution do I need? Is my current IT staff ready to handle the development and maintenance of the system? How in the world can I measure ROI? If you find yourself asking these questions, let C/S Solutions develop an eCommerce system for you that that will expand your business and optimize your competitive advantage. Our team of professionals will consult with you to assess your marketing strategy regarding your business development goals. Then we will design, implement and help you maintain your new system. 

State-of-the-art tools such as data mining, traffic reporting and content management will help you gain control of the dynamics of marketing your business electronically. They will deliver customized reports that put vital information at your fingertips, which enable you to address optimum customer relationship management objectives.

Company intranets can provide an effective conduit for communications throughout your enterprise and create greater synergies within all work groups.

Whether you are looking to develop an online catalog, create a virtual storefront, conduct business management functions or facilitate new market development, C/S Solutions can provide you with a total eCommerce solution that will enhance sales and provide an environment that will help your company operate on the leading edge of technology.

Client Server

C/S Solutions specializes in client/server architecture. We will design, develop, and deploy two-tier or multi-tier systems to complement your DBMS relative to its functionality. A well-implemented Client/Server solution will help you reduce network traffic and improve multi-user updating through a GUI front-end to a shared database. The benefit of this architectural approach is that standardized business object models and distributed object computing are combined to give your organization flexibility to improve effectiveness organizationally, operationally, and technologically.

The right solution. The right people. At the right time.

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